Why Franchise From Novatech Robo?


Now a days Starting a new business requires huge investment and takes 5 - 6 years in break.Franchising provides an best opportunity for expansion of capital without any investment. By becoming a franchisee legally allowed to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by the franchisor. It’s always a wise and fruitful decision to become a franchise and gain from experience of a company and successful business. TO Avail Robotic Educaton Throughout The India So We Are Appointing Franchises....

  • "Exclusive Territory" : You can be a Franchise for any area in your city.
  • "Source of Income": Training, Workshops, ROBOFEST competitions.
  • "Excellent ROI & Satisfaction !!: "Royalty Value for Money !

Collaboration & Asscociations:

Lawrence Technological University
Robofest, by Lawrence Technological University Michigan,USA an international competition, an effective way for students to learn their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum in a fun and entertaining way. Novatech Robo has exclusive access to this program in India and Middle East. Lawrence Technological University Michigan, USA has appreciated and recognized the contribution made by Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan CEO of Novatech Robo toward promotion of robotics education in India and has appointed Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan as Director of “Robofest India”

What We Provide To Our Franchise ?

  1.Trainers: (Technical + Marketing)

  2. Marketing Guidance.

  3. Course Curriculum.

  4. Free Upgradation of Components.

  5. Exclusive Robotic training module and material.

  6.Personalised support resulting in high success rate.


Key Benefits:

  1. No hidden cost.

  2. Easy work timing.

  3. Bonus revenue channels.

  4. A positive working Environment.

  5. All cash transaction, No credit.

  6. Not impacted by business cycles.

  7. Prime commercial location not required.

  8. No stress of unsold inventory and wastage.

  9. Fee received in advance, therefore no bad debts.

  10. Convenient working hours, giving you ample personal time.

  11. High degree of satisfaction as we are giving a foundation to future generation.

  12. A growing market, Awareness among parents for quality education is growing.

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